Uprising in “DNR”: Kadyrov henchmen – Chechen militants – shoot Russian officer, demand release of those captured by Ukrainian defenders

Storming of the Donetsk airport, which led to heavy losses among Russian paratroopers and Chechen policemen, resulted in a “dispute” between the groups and a killing of officer paratrooper from Ulyanovsk by a member of Chechen Interior Ministry battalion.
“Region: Donetsk. Incident. Hereby bringing to your attention that as a result of a quarrel on the basis of hostile personal relations, an officer of consolidated shock battalion of Chechen Interior Ministry used personal weapon to shoot an officer of 31st Guards Airborne ODShB (military unit 73612 Ulyanovsk – Ed.). Requesting the order for immediate redeployment of the consolidated shock battalion of Chechen Interior Ministry,” informs the media citing data intercepted from the Russian military communications.
Kadyrov’s mercenaries also visited the Donetsk Regional State Administration for a “dispute” with the “DNR” head Alexander Zakharchenko. “The topic of the day – highly spiritual advocates of the Russian world disliked becoming a ‘doner kebab’ at the airport yesterday, the more so since several of them got captured. They request the so-called DNR head to agree with airport defenders a prisoner exchange,” informs the Angry Odessite. “It will be interesting to watch the development of this, because in such situation, it seems that yesterday the Kadyrov’s men tails were groomed well. In fact, mercenaries haven’t experienced such losses since the time of the May shoot-off of the separatists at the airport. Then the whole Russian Caucasus buzzed from funeral cries.”
Earlier it was reported that during yesterday’s storm of Donetsk Airport the defenders captured two Chechen policemen.

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