DNR members going to “celebrate” Independence Day by humiliating captured Ukrainian soldiers

This year the capital of the Donbass is likely to remain without celebrations, there are no arranged events for August 24, and those Donetsk citizens who revere the date will celebrate it even more secretly than the Christian holidays in the early years of the USSR (it was strictly prohibited to celebrate Christian holidays – Ed.).

The Donetsk authorities refused to provide official information on this issue.
“We do not comment on it,” said the press service of the Donetsk City Council.

Republic of tyranny
At the same time the supporters of united Ukraine who remain in Donetsk will have to celebrate in private, at home. “Idiocy! They are kind of standing for the “republic”, but in fact staged a real tyranny. Those with the opinions different from their own are banned, a person can be shot for having the Ukrainian flag. My friends and I will get together, celebrate, and drink for the victory of the Ukrainian Army, for soonest liberation of the Donbass cities. Glory to Ukraine!” Andrei, a resident of Donetsk tells us.

But DNR decided to celebrate Independence Day in the original way. “Zaharchenko, the so-called DNR prime minister ordered to exhibit all destroyed Ukrainian vehicles on the Lenin Square by August 24, say terrorists. The DNR members are also going to lead the captured Ukrainian soldiers along the central streets of Donetsk.

At the same time, the government institutions still operating in Donetsk give all the employees a day off on Monday, in line with state agencies elsewhere in Ukraine, the media says. The Donbas cities controlled by the Ukrainian army are sure to celebrate the Independence Day.

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