Soldiers’ Mothers Committee: “Strange things are going on all over Russia”

In St.Petersburg the conscripts’ parents are calling more frequently on hot line of “Soldiers’ Mothers from Sankt-Petersburg”, the non-governmental human rights organization. They informed nameless that the military command demands from their children to sign the enlistment contracts and those who signed will go to Ukraine. Such kind of information comes from different regions.

During the last weeks the number of the calls of the conscripts’ parents dramatically increased. The military command demands from the conscripts to sign the enlistment contracts to send them to Ukraine, as Anton Scherbak, the representative of the NGO “Soldiers’ Mothers from Sankt-Petersburg” informed. Only in January there were 15 such calls and 5 e-mails. The majority of those calls were from the parents of the conscripts serving in 138 guard motorized rifle brigade (West military district) located in the village of Kamenka. The parents being afraid for their children refused to introduce themselves, but the majority of them mentioned February 9th as the date that the fresh soldiers will be sent to the Rostov region.
Similar calls came from the parents of the conscripts serving at the military unit №29760 in Vladimirsky district, Pskov region (where the military reconnaissance officers are trained) and at the m/u №54096 in the village of Moolino, Nyzhnyi Novgorod region, where the 6th separate armored brigade is stationed. And it isn’t the full list of military units from which the alarm calls sound. Ella Poliakova, the leader of the “Soldiers’ Mothers from Sankt-Petersburg”, wants to make the full list of such units to get at the truth of the matter:
 The calls from the parents being distressed for their children come all the time. Our colleagues, rights activists from partner organizations, informed about such calls. The parents worry their children being forced to sign the contracts. However, the parents scare to address somewhere; they think that such actions could badly influence their children. Up to 60 soldiers refused to sign contracts, the parents from Kamenka informed. They want to serve but without signing a contract, they have other plans. As a result, they were just closed in a club.
According to the parents’ information, they went to the prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor came to them, but it’s far from certain that he was a real prosecutor. He threatened and intimidated the guys to sign the contracts. The guys are often deceived, as the military command promised the same term of contract service as the involuntary service assumes. False. Such pressure is a common phenomenon; the parents mention the date of departure to the Rostov region. In case of Kamenka, it’s February 9. The very same message we received from the partner organization from Murmansk. Strange things are going on all over Russia, Ella Poliakova says.

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