SSU CI neutralizes terrorist intelligence group of the so-called ‘LNR MoD’

The SSU Military Counterintelligence together with an army unit carrying out a mission in the territory controlled by terrorists neutralized an armed subversive group of the so called ‘Defense Ministry’ of the LNR terrorist organization.

It has been established that by order of a leader of a terrorist ‘intelligence unit’, lieutenant colonel of Russian special services with a handle ‘Zmii’, the subversive group was going by an armored vehicle towards positions of the ATO forces. Militants had to gather intelligence on deployment of Ukrainian task forces and urgently send it to their leader. Our CI officers detained an advanced party of terrorists. Three fighters, aka ‘Desant’, ‘Partyzan’ and ‘Hlobus’, gave data about the whereabouts of the rest.

Militants were seized of Kalashnikov assault rifles, F-1, RGD-5 grenades and numerous rounds. The next stage of the special operation resulted in destruction of the enemy APC.

The SSU investigators in Luhansk region instituted a criminal proceeding under Part 1 Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.
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