Patriots ambushed GRU officer near Krasnodon, some fighters killed

Patriots ambushed a Russian GRU officer known as ‘Nikolai’, who is responsible for the convoys and the coordination of the militant groups’ activities in this area, wrote Dmitryi Snegiriov, a leader of the “Prava Sprava” (Right Deal), on his Facebook page.
“Yesterday, at 10.20 a.m. unknown patriots intolerant to invaders ambushed GRU officer (aka Nikolai) and his escort touring the Krasnodon suburbs on Krasnodon-Izvarino highway.
Nikolai’s SUV “Tiger” together with two jeeps full of bodyguards got caught in the crossfire of the guerillas,” writes Snegiriov.
But the terrorist managed to escape from a fire – the guerrillas did not take into account the bullet-proof armour of the vehicle.

Dmitry Snegiriov received information that some of the militants were killed.

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