35 elite Russian special ops officers dead, 66 wounded in militants’ attack on Donetsk Airport

The following are the figures of the losses suffered by Russian troops during yesterday’s offensive on the Donetsk Airport.
Some 35 Russian soldiers have been killed, mainly the paratroopers. 66 soldiers wounded, and 27 – missing, writes blogger Oleg Yarchuk citing intercepted data of the Russian military communications.

“Region: Donetsk Airport. Units of the 5th Tank Brigade of 36th OF VVO (* military unit 46108, Ulan-Ude), in combat missions “Cargo 200” – 2, “Cargo 300” – 4 Tank losses — 1 unit.
Region: Donetsk Airport. Units of the 331st Parachute Regiment of the 98th Airborne Division of the RF, in combat missions “Cargo 200” -18 “Cargo 300” – 26
Region: Donetsk Airport. Units of 31th Guards Airborne Division (military unit 73612, Ulyanovsk) in combat missions, “Cargo 200″ – 12, “Cargo 300” – 31
Region: Donetsk Airport. Units of consolidated shock battalion of Chechen Interior Ministry, in combat missions, “Cargo 200” – 3, “Cargo 300″ – 5, missing – 27. The battalion left the zone of contact without authorization and moved to the second line of dislocation. Location of the unit commander is being established,” said Yarchuk.

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