Russian mercenary Gorelov confessed to Russian army involvement in Donbas fighting: “They fight Under the guise of guerilla movement”

According to the author, it was his hand with RU Marines chevron that recently hit the Russian media.

“I went in the footsteps of my colleague. He gave me contacts for Vough, deputy commander of Motorola’s battalion… They welcomed me OK, the next day gave me weapons and sent to the front line,” he said.
Mercenary assures that the airport “was taken in three or four days”.
“We blocked them on the 3rd floor and in the basement (in fact, “the cyborgs” were on the second floor, while the attackers used the basement and third floor. – Ed.),” he said.

Also mercenary admitted that at home he is “tied up” by a credit.
Meanwhile Russia keeps on insisting that there is no regular RU army in the Donbas, only “volunteers”. Ukraine has found up to 9,000 Russian soldiers on the territory of Donbas. Russian human rights activists note that the Russian military command forces the conscripts to switch to contract service and sends them to the Donbas.
One of the mercenaries from Russia, who fought in Donetsk against Ukraine, spoke about Russian army participation in the war.
Constantine Gorelov from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk shares his revelations in the interview to
“Nobody gives orders to fight for the militia. It’s a lie! On the other hand, there are many people from the Russian army, they are invisible, working quietly and gently… Recon, probably. Fight under the guise of militia,” he says.

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