Ukrainian fighters pushed through terrorists’ line south of Donetsk

The fact of terrorists retreating from the front lines near Yelenovka (south of Donetsk) under the offensive of the ATO forces was noted by bloggers already yesterday; the bloggers in parallel were appealing to UkrOps (“The Dill”, a shorthand used by terrorist to describe pro-Ukrainian activists) asking to finish off the enemy and knock out the “Russians” also from the neighbouring Dokuchaevsk, another DNR stronghold.
Frankly, we thought these messages somewhat unreliable and even inappropriately optimistic. We were wrong: once again we found that the pro-Ukrainian (hence, very self-critical and suspicious) users of social networks are highly accurate and timely source of information.
Today Dmitry Tymchuk confirmed in “Information resistance” summary: “as a result of retaliation of Ukrainian troops the front of Russian-terrorist troops collapsed near Stepnoe (the same area south of Donetsk), the militants in near Yelenovka left their positions and retreated.”
Tymchuk also reports that on the western DNR border near Donetsk (“on the arc from Avdeevka to Yasinovataya”) the terrorists are setting up a “nodal defence system, which in prospect could turn into layered, on this site and on to Gorlovka and Kuibyshev district of Donetsk… From Donetsk via Gorlovka Motorway they’re transferring civil construction equipment.”
Most likely, this indicates that the winter offensive has failed and “Russians” are preparing defensive positions until better times.

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