Kadyrov henchmen attacking Donetsk Airport are regular police officers from Chechnya

Commenting on the latest ATO news, one of the Ukrainian defenders of Donetsk airport said over the telephone that on the eve and the night of the Old New Year (14 January) the Donetsk Airport turned into hell.

According to the defender, originally from Mankovka, Cherkasy region, attempts of the Kadyrov’s men to take the Airport at any cost crashed. Latest ATO news, in spite of the “cries” in social networks that the soldiers are being “flushed down the drain”, say that the Ukrainian military “utilised” about a hundred militants, reports Joinfo.ua with reference to Facebook page of the Evening Uman journalist Vladimir Gamalitsa who managed to interview one of the defenders.
He was able to contact the defender, who is serving in Ukrainian army and is now at the airport, only at 4 am. The communication was carried via SMS.
“- How are you? Intact, holding up?
– The attacks were defeated. Separatists failed.
– Many victims? People say, you were attacked by Kadyrov’s men, the airport has been taken….
– We have several wounded. But only several. About the dead – for each one of ours there are 10 to 15 of the invaders. There are Kadyrov’s men. Well, here are two of them, kneeling, snivelling. Crying, begging not to shoot them. They say they were “forced”. It’s disgusting to hear. People with no pride. They are creeps, not the men of the mountains.
– In the “Novorossiya” news the talk is, the airport has been taken.
– If you look at how much land is covered with their corpses, probably you can say that a lot of ground has been taken. All approaches are inundated with “meat”.
– Social networks users were screaming that the artillery did not help. Scant shelling.
– Scant shelling. But using such shells and so precisely that this was sufficient. Completely destroyed the points with artillery units and “Grad” systems. Apparently our forces must have been using the “Peonies” system to carpet the separatists. Because the earth was trembling a lot. Earlier we constantly adjusted the shelling, shells rained down from the sky – overshooting, undershooting… Now – highly precise targeting.
– What do “Kadyrov’s men” say? Why are they here?
– Just arrived, they say. They did not know where they are sent. They’re in the police service. Sworn to Kadyrov and Putin. They were woken up in early hours and sent here. Only in Donetsk they realised that the location is Ukraine.
– How do you manage to cause such losses to terrorists?
– It seems they are being flushed down the drain. Food for powder. They brought here for slaughter. Nobody worries about them, there are no good commanders there. If commanding officers had a peace of mind, they would have left the airport zone alone.
– Do you reckon Putin sends them for “liquidation” on purpose?
– There is an impression that they are sent here precisely “for disposal”. Maybe they think there are too many Muslims in Russia. Maybe they think there is a danger that soon there will be no Russians. So Putin gets rid of them. And all these Motorolas, Givis, Kadyrovs help him in this…
– Is there an order to retreat?
– Nope! There is the order not to give up a single meter of our land,” informs Vladimir Gamalitsa.

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