Putin’s deranged in Donbas

In Russia there are two categories of people, always enjoying the support of the establishment: the fools and the mummers. Neither category threatens the state and either may occasionally inflict a good mood. Therefore they aren’t shot but broadcast on the TV. Ukrainian events did not change this century-old tradition. The delirious prophesize from Russia-based podiums and TV studios, while artsy troupes and solo artists perform in Donbas tours.
Pricky dollar.

This is how this man looked in 2013. This is the same man now. PR managers forgot to mention gun practice when listing his hobbies for the X-Factor program. Meanwhile, the way this singer holds the weapon is typical for people professionally linked to weaponry (such as athletes).
Just as surprising is the fact of comradery between former hooligan and former police captain. For real, sounds strange to me. Passion for striptease is also far from daydreaming in prison. To me, this pair is more like a Special ops duo on a mission behind enemy lines.

The Don fellows
Don Cossacks, at all times, performed punitive functions with usual hard-working, diligent approach. The slogan “For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland!” justified any crimes against humanity (as we would say today). Still, almost a century without tsarism in Russia and something gone wrong in Cossacks’ view of the world. No, not regarding a passion for the genocide or illegal actions against citizens of other states. There is no problems with that in Russia. But faith has suffered. Destruction of the cultural traditions of the Cossacks as implemented by Putin’s predecessors through the physical extermination has broken the link between generations. And as a result, there is a new phenomenon in Russia. The already known “mishandled Cossack” called Kozitsin. Not only that the Cossack leader was the best friend of security officers, he is also completely forgot whom and why the Cossacks serve! It is a deep belief of Kozitsin that he serves only Putin and God. Thus, in the individual ranking of Kozitsin, gaybist Putin overtaken god. What can you say?

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