“Life News” paving the ground for new provocations: Casus Belli

Today, February 1, the Russian propaganda channel “Life News” aired a quickie about bomb shelters being prepared in the Rostov region, in case of “shelling from the territory of Ukraine”, says InformNapalm news outlet.
The piece was included into the segment “not our war”. The video subtly prepares the viewer to the idea that “Ukrainian missiles” will hit the Russians.
The story voiceover notes, “only 3 km separates Kuibyshev village (Rostov region) from the combat between Donetsk militias and Ukrainian law enforcers. The distance is critical, anytime the village can be hit by an artillery shell.”
Did you hear the story “3 km” bit?! This is a deliberate lie of the Russian channel as the nearest location of Ukrainian army is 68 km away, on the straight line from Debaltseve to Kuibyshev (!).
Tellingly, during the military conflict in Ukraine journalists of Russian TV channel “Life News” are often at the forefront of developments and have repeatedly been seen in the areas where militants stage their provocations. This channel is an integral part of info-war operations Russian terrorists run against Ukraine. Often the TV channel is engaged in preliminary information coverage tailored for the target audience, where the tension is heated up to the degree sufficient for planned acts of violence and terror used afterwards to accuse the Ukrainian law enforcers.
In this case, other speculation options include possible shelling or air raids with a view to further escalation of the conflict or under the pretext of introducing “peacekeeping force” to try to legalise the Russian military presence in the Donbas.
It is important to be prepared even to these enemy actions.
PS: “It’s no accident…” I think that in 2-3 days (this is usually the timeframe used for tailored information coverage) we will see a new round… it is important to be prepared for such a scenario. Obviously, Debaltsevo is a good destruction, that’s why this direction sees all the meat: the most unable militants recruited from local boozers, drug addicts, who are in the first echelon. And while Russian terrorist troops hit the Debaltseve front with this “meat”, a springboard foothold is being prepared elsewhere. Their next target may well be Artemivsk, though the imitation attack could aim for Kramatorsk in order to mislead the ATO HQ Command, and then hit tangentially from the north.

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