‘Yovan Shevich’ Serbian insurgent detachment under Bratislav Zhivkovich’s command

Serbian newspaper Pravda informs that Chetnik detachment ‘Yovan Shevich’ under Bratislav Zhivkovich’s command after a brief combat training course joined military actions in Donetsk on the insurgents’ side.
Chetnik detachment, having 10 militants for the time being, will be engaged in protection of humanitarian aid escorts heading from Russia to Donetsk.


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Evidence of Russian militants’ presence in eastern Ukraine

July 3, in the course of search operation National Guard soldiers found a credit card of Credit Europe Bank, that was left in one of abandoned terrorists’ dugouts near Zakotnoe village (Donetsk region). Address of the bank is Olympiysky avenue 14, Moscow, Russian Federation 129090.


Moreover, they found a wire transfer receipt for the sum of RUB 5,000 which was received in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Kamchatka krai, RF.


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Former Sloviansk separatists now cooperate with Ukrainian militaries

Donbass Liberation Front is formed by Sloviansk and Kramatorsk citizens, who have taken the side of Ukrainian military men. Civilians, in fact, real citizens of these regions, forced them to rethink their position. In a video below, ‘former insurgents’ speak about ravages and chaos brought by so-called Russian ‘liberators’.

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A group from Russia ready to go to Ukraine to help the South East

There is a closed group on Vkontakte social network called ‘Enrollment of Volunteers. Moscow for the south-eastern Ukraine’, (http://vk.com/club67032286), having 110 members from among Russian citizens. The description of this group says – a group from Russia ready to go to Ukraine to help the South East.


Its administrator is a Russian citizen Aleksey Abbasov, DOB: September 18, 1987, Moscow resident, Russian passport 4509352776, his own Vkontakte page is http://vk.com/id6744923.


Among Abbasov’s contacts is a Russian citizen Aleksandr Denisov, DOB: January 13, 1973, Moscow resident, Russian passport 4509352776, his own page is http://vk.com/id225247590 (contains some typical photos in camouflage with St. George ribbons). Within the group, he coordinates volunteers willing to provide military aid to ‘peaceful’ residents of the Ukrainian East.


When going through the comments, it’s worth paying attention to the user Sergey Nikulin, who not only is providing recruiting information, but is also spreading coordinates of the section of the Russian-Ukrainian border for penetration into Donbass. In addition, there are telephone numbers of Russians who are willing to join.

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Lifenews.ru once again resorts to Goebbels-style propaganda

Lifenews posted breaking news about volunteers from Russia.


Than this post was deleted, and the new one appeared saying that there, in fact, were no volunteers.


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Militant leader known as ‘Yakut-sniper’

One of the militant leaders aka ‘Yakut-sniper’ has been identified. Tasked by the Russian special services, his group is engaged in armed resistance to the ATO forces and terrorizes civilians in Donetsk region.
‘Yakut’ – Denis Vladimirovich Siatkin, DPOB: 1972, Magnitogorsk, Cheliabinsk region, Russia
June 20, 2014 the group of Siatkin (‘Yakut’) illegally crossed the state border of Ukraine near the village of Dmitrovka, Donetsk region, with a Russian military convoy (5 tanks, 7 APCs and several KamAZ trucks).
Insurgents were heavily shelling positions of the ATO forces in Snezhnoe district, Donetsk region. Militants were receiving up to USD 2,000 as a reward for their crimes.

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Criminal group engaged in recruiting mercenaries for armed assaults on Ukrainian militaries detained

At the Kharkiv-pasazhyrskyi railway station, a group of individuals, who had been recruiting residents of Kharkiv region to join gangs acting in Luhansk region, was detained.

The criminal group consisted of seven Kharkiv locals, 25-50. Their activities were coordinated by LNR terrorist organization.

They were promised money reward for killing Ukrainian servicemen.


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One of the militant coordinators in southeastern Ukraine detained

Within an active phase of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO), Volodymyr Volodymyrovych Kolosniuk, one of the militants’ coordinators – self-declared ‘mayor’ of the city of Horlivka (Donetsk region) was detained and sent to Kyiv.

Directly led by a terrorist Biezlier (‘Bies’), V.Kolosniuk was responsible for arms procurement, organized and took part in armed attacks on the checkpoints of the ATO forces, kidnappings and tortures of people.

Kolosniuk was actively searching arms dealers for the ‘Biezler-Bies’ gang. He was detained him in a café of Berdiansk (Zaporizka region) while purchasing heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, assault rifles and explosives worth UAH 2 million.

Video: http://youtu.be/IZDp01wJpNU

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Russian drone shot down over Ukraine



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Terrorist from Russia


Russian citizen Veselina Cherdantseva uploads photos to Vkontakte social media, proving that she is in Ukraine and participates in military actions.

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