DONETSK: Russian citizen – DNR ‘gunner/driver’ detained

Border guards detained 52-year old Russian citizen, a member of DNR terrorist organization, when he was trying to leave the territory of Ukraine, Press Center of the State Border Service informs.



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Kharkiv region – SSU spoils Russian intelligence attempt to steal military secrets

June 8, 2014, the SSU Counterintelligence Department prevented Russian special services from setting up a communications interception hub next to one of the military units in Kharkiv region.

For this task the foreign intelligence services recruited two Ukrainians, providing them with spy equipment and precise instructions for its fine-tuning and usage.

One of the detained has already been recruited by Russian agents who used him for stealing sensitive ATO data and recruiting mercenaries for combat actions against Ukrainian soldiers.

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KRAMATORSK – Lists with nicknames and contacts of terrorists revealed

In one of the Kramatorsk administration buildings, Ukrainian military discovered lists of militants that included nicknames and contacts, copies of Russian urban fighting manual and diagrams depicting weak spots of armored carriers.
Experts note that civilians without special military training would be unable either to set up such a deployment and maintenance arrays for check points or find such manuals and diagrams as they are classified.

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ZAPORIZHZHIA – SSU cuts off terrorist financing channel

July 4, 2014, the SSU officers detained a car driven by a Makiivka resident at the checkpoint on Zaporizhzhia-Donetsk highway. During the search, law enforcers discovered two bags with Russian rubles on the back seat of the car.
The 33-year old courier has been carrying more than 5,000,000 rubles from the Crimea to Donetsk for financial support of a terrorist organization, that is, to reward mercenaries for their offensive against Ukrainian servicemen and shooting of the civilians.
Currency straps on the confiscated money identified issuing authority as the Bank of Russia.


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SLOVIANSK – Militants use Russia-produced communication facilities

The National Guard soldiers discovered a warehouse full of terrorists’ comms equipment – wire reels and coils with tags specifying production place – Russia and time – 2014.

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Russian Death weapons in Kramatorsk

National Guard soldiers stationed in Kramatorsk discovered abandoned terrorists’ arsenal of weapons with 120 mm mortar mines and ammunition rounds for ‘Nona-S’ on the territory of former ‘Proektmash’ factory. There were 60 boxes with mines (two per box) and 80 boxes with bombshells for the Russia-produced airborne artillery assault vehicle (‘Nona-S’).

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‘Kochehar’ detained

YEVHEN VASYLIOVYCH NEVARA, aka ‘Kochehar’, was detained. He is on the FSB list of people barred from entering the Russian Federation.

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SLOVIANSK – SSU detained two Strelok’s men, ‘holders of the Cross of St. George’, destroyed 1 BMP, 3 APCs, 8 ‘Urals’ and ‘ Humvee ‘

July 5, 2014, in the course of a special operation in Sloviansk district, the SSU Counterintelligence Department seized a terrorist group that was attacking ATO servicemen and destroying Ukrainian military equipment.
During the special operation, UA officers detained four members of the group, acting in the rear of the ATO forces. The leader of the detachment was Yevhen Vasyliovych Nevara, aka ‘Kochehar’, DOB: April 1, 1967.



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SLOVIANSK – Local citizens handed over three terrorists to law enforces


In Sloviansk (Donetsk region) ATO forces captured three members of Donbass paramilitary groups dressed as civilians while they wanted to receive humanitarian aid destined for local residents. But when militants were about to get food in the guise of locals, conscientious citizens informed militaries that those men had been fighting on the terrorists’ side.
The men were immediately detained and taken for questioning. As was clarified afterwards, two of the detainees were Russians fighting on the side of DNR terrorists, and came to take food, because they were abandoned by militant forces.


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Avakov told about militant weapons seized in Sloviansk

Ukrainian militaries seized fantastic amounts of militant ammunition in Sloviansk
‘Abandoned… while fleeing away, terrorists left stunning supplies of weapons,’ Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov wrote on Facebook.

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