July 19, 2014. Terrorists take away Buk missile system (video filmed on the territory of Russia)


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Amvrosievka – Radio intercept of Russian Mig-29 pilot attacking Ukrainian Su-25

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Paratroopers of 79th Brigade (Mykolaiv) down Russian drone near state border

On July 18 paratroopers of second squadron of 79th Aeromobile Brigade (Mykolaiv) shot down Orlan-10 enemy drone at the Russian-Ukrainian state border.

Reference: Orlan-10 is a multifunctional unmanned complex designed for remote monitoring of long-range and local assets in adverse terrain and for search/repair operations. The drone was designed by the Russia-based ‘Special Technology Center’.

According to the SSU, Orlan-10 UAV was used during fights in eastern Ukraine. On May 28 Ukrainian troops shot down one device near Donetsk, its fragments were found and examined, photos of the fragments were published. On July 13 the second device was shot down over Zelenopolye (Donetsk region) during its monitoring of the ATO positions.

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Another evidence of terrorist involvement in Boeing-777 crash

The users of ‘Odnoklassniki’ website confess on the page of the ‘SnizhneInform’ group that it was terrorists who shot down Boeing-777 aircraft, as activist Vitaliy Umanets wrote on his Facebook page.

‘I was so glad that we had shot down Ukrainians. I repent now. Hate myself,’ the author wrote.

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FSB officer comes over to Ukrainian side: Address to Ukrainians

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Deputy general of Rokhlin addresses Putin citing the list of the crimes

Morozov:Putin, go away.I appeal to you, give up.
href=”http://www.dokaz.org.ua/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/92c7ea70df331.jpg”>92c7ea70df331 Далее…

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Strelkov: downed airliner was full of already dead people

The terrorist leader Igor Strelkov suspects that the victims of the crashed Malaysian plane died some days prior to the terrorist act.


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Bloggers discover page of Russian Armed Forces soldier Andrey Balabanov in ‘Vkontakte’ social media

The ATO forces captured a Russian regular soldier in Luhansk region. The rumors that he would be shot by Ukrainian firing squad provoke hysterics in the soldier’s motherland.

The Russian soldier is registered on ‘Vkontakte’ social media under his real name http://m.vk.com/id58574320.

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Militants damage victims’ ID papers from downed Boeing

Photos of damaged Netherlands passports went viral on the Internet
ss (2014-07-18 at 07.05.13)

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Record proving Russian fighter locking on a target in Ukraine

On July 16 at 18:55 the military intelligence of Ukraine recorded the fact of the use of Russian Air Forces aircraft against Ukrainian Su-25 interceptor near Amvrosiivka.
Ukrainian intelligence tracked flight of MiG-29 from the 19th Fighter Regiment of the 1st Composite Air Division of the 4th Command of the Russian Air Forces (based in the Rostov region).
In the period from 18:48 to 19:49 (Kyiv time) ground control of the Russian Air Force (call sign “Rapier”) provided guidance for the Russian MiG-29 (pilot call sign “221”) to destroy air targets on the territory of Ukraine.

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