‘Voice of Donbass’ with a strong Russian accent

Foreigners in the DNR ranks

Citizens of the Russian Federation

  1. Aleksandr Boroday – the so-called ‘prime-minister’ of DNR
  2. Ravil Halikov – the so-called ‘prosecutor’ of DNR
  3. Igor Girkin (a.k.a. Strelok) – the so-called ‘minister of defense’ of DNR
  4. Aleksey Khudyakov – a former leader of Shchit Moskvy (Shield of Moscow) public movement, DNR activist
  5. Rostislav Zhuravlev – Another Russia Party leader in Sverdlovsk region, DNR activist
  6. Aleksandr Proselkov – a member of International Eurasian movement (resides in the Russian town of Ansai, Rostov region), Pavel Gubarev’s bodyguard during the June 22 rally in Donetsk

Russia was recruiting Foreign legionnaires to engage them in the east of Ukraine

Russian nationals tried to recruit veterans of the French Foreign Legion for participation in combat actions on the terrorists’ side in the east of Ukraine, offering up to EUR 10,000 per month as a reward.
This was revealed by veterans of the Foreign Legion, who were representing private security companies at the Eurosatory-2014 Defence and Security Exhibition near Paris.