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Российское командование пообещало передать боевикам “ДНР” катера для формирования “Азовской флотилии”

азовская флотилия днр

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Parents Of Tula Paratroopers: Our Children At War in Ukraine

More than two hundreds of parents appealed the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia and the Union For Human Rights since June 10, including parents of Tula conscripts. According to the worried relatives, their children are sent to see duty in hot areas in the South-East of Ukraine by force. The parents have moved an …

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Russian Grads shell Donetsk

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Interrogation of the captured Russian paratroopers, ‘We were told that ‘banderovtsy’ are evil’ (video)

August, 25 joint Task Forces of SBU and Ukrainian military detained ten soldiers of the 331st Regiment, 98th Svir Airborne Division of the Russian Armed Forces (military unit 71211) near Zerkalnyi village (Amvrosievskyi district, Donetsk region). The ATO officers captured a group of the Russian soldiers, the members of the 98th Guards Division, 331st Airborne …

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DNR members going to “celebrate” Independence Day by humiliating captured Ukrainian soldiers

This year the capital of the Donbass is likely to remain without celebrations, there are no arranged events for August 24, and those Donetsk citizens who revere the date will celebrate it even more secretly than the Christian holidays in the early years of the USSR (it was strictly prohibited to celebrate Christian holidays – …

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Russia now engages full military units in Donbas

If the captured in Ilovaisk prisoners of war are anything to go by, more than half of the total terrorists in Donbas are regular officers and soldiers of the Russian Federation, Semen Semenchenko, a Donbass battalion commander, writes on his Facebook page. “Some of them are in uniform. They are not simply spread thin among …

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Confession of captured Russian soldier

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Patriots ambushed GRU officer near Krasnodon, some fighters killed

Patriots ambushed a Russian GRU officer known as ‘Nikolai’, who is responsible for the convoys and the coordination of the militant groups’ activities in this area, wrote Dmitryi Snegiriov, a leader of the “Prava Sprava” (Right Deal), on his Facebook page. “Yesterday, at 10.20 a.m. unknown patriots intolerant to invaders ambushed GRU officer (aka Nikolai) …

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RF Commando boasts over the social network of his participation in the war against Ukraine on the DNR side

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=a3xpI6EhTKM People have already started to comment on his participation in the war against Ukraine. Oleh Stashkin, a special-ops Russian soldier from Voronezh, does not hide the fact of the previous serving in Chechnya in the ranks of the 34th Special Forces unit in Grozny. Now he is fighting in Ukraine on the DNR side. …

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SBU detaines four DNR and LNR spies

The CI unit of the Security Service of Ukraine detained four citizens who spied for the DNR and LNR terrorist organizations. The citizen of Ukraine “Z”, YOB 1973, and the female citizen of Ukraine “Ch”, YOB 1956, spied on behalf of the Donetsk People’s Republic terrorist organization. The citizen “Z” was recruited by a DNR …

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