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Two dead as artillery shells Mospino

“About 12.00 a.m. the city of Mospino was shelled once again. The destruction scope of infrastructure and residential clusters is being established. There are two civilian casualties,” Donetsk City Council reports. ‘At 13.00 the distant shots and explosions resounded in the central regions of Donetsk,’ according to the residents. ‘The terrorists set up artillery facilities …

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‘I got used to look at corpses,’ says a girl from Lutuhino who betrays Ukrainian soldiers

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Separatists start to realize (record from Zello)


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Ukraine being shelled 9 times for the last 24 hours from Russian side

But the Ukrainian militaries learned how to conduct effective artillery reconnaissance for targeted counter-offensive, preventing the losses in personnel and military vehicles. The territory of Ukraine has been shelled 9 times for the last 24 hours from the Russian side, the ATO Press-Center reports. The ATO forces mop up Stanitsa Luhanskaia, Malonikolaevka, Illiriia (Luhansk region), …

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Russian conscripts’ gear found inside airborne assault vehicles near Luhansk

This morning Ukrainian military forces seized two airborne assault vehicles assigned to Pskov Airborne Division in the battle near Luhansk. Russian conscripts’ IDs were also discovered there. The search of the vehicle unveiled a complete set of documents including the driving licenses and military papers. Personnel and vehicle are dedicated to the military unit no. …

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Russian tanks are plying around Putin’s ‘humanitarian aid’ convoy

After the humanitarian convoy’s arrival to the Russian borderline city of Donetsk, the journalists regularly record the Russian military equipment moving towards Luhansk. In particular, Shaun Walker from The Guardian witnessed more than 20 APCs heading for Ukraine from Russia. ‘I’ve just watched armored personnel carriers and vehicles with Russian number plates crossing the Ukrainian …

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‘Russia’s realm’ saves Ukraine from Nazism

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SBU and Aidar destroy Russian artillery direction center

LNR reconnaissance and sabotage group that regulated fire of terrorists’ artillery and mortar detachments against the ATO forces and Ukrainian residential clusters was destroyed by SSU special counterintelligence unit jointly with Aidar battalion, the SSU Press Center announces. One of the militants, a member of the so-called Great Don Cossack Troops, possessed Russia-produced military equipment …

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Militants threaten to nationalize houses in Donetsk

A gang run by the leader known as Motorola is junketing all over Donetsk: “I will have an apartment right in these tower blocks! Nationalize everything! The working chaps will live here.” The terrorists of the Motorola’s gang promised to take the property of tycoons away and nationalize houses in Donetsk for the needs of …

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Terrorists make a new firing point – Donetsk mental hospital with 440 patients inside

Donetsk – 440 patients (including 200 bedridden) being in Staromihailovskyi psychiatric nursing home got caught in the crossfire and left without a proper care. The doctors and manual staff of the medical establishment fled from their jobs. Now only seven nurses and orderlies look after the patients. The militants have set up mortars on the …

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