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Russian Grads shell Donetsk

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DNR members going to “celebrate” Independence Day by humiliating captured Ukrainian soldiers

This year the capital of the Donbass is likely to remain without celebrations, there are no arranged events for August 24, and those Donetsk citizens who revere the date will celebrate it even more secretly than the Christian holidays in the early years of the USSR (it was strictly prohibited to celebrate Christian holidays – …

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Russia now engages full military units in Donbas

If the captured in Ilovaisk prisoners of war are anything to go by, more than half of the total terrorists in Donbas are regular officers and soldiers of the Russian Federation, Semen Semenchenko, a Donbass battalion commander, writes on his Facebook page. “Some of them are in uniform. They are not simply spread thin among …

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Confession of captured Russian soldier

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RF Commando boasts over the social network of his participation in the war against Ukraine on the DNR side

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=a3xpI6EhTKM People have already started to comment on his participation in the war against Ukraine. Oleh Stashkin, a special-ops Russian soldier from Voronezh, does not hide the fact of the previous serving in Chechnya in the ranks of the 34th Special Forces unit in Grozny. Now he is fighting in Ukraine on the DNR side. …

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NSDC: militants fired at Donbass-Arena

One of the best Ukrainian stadiums hit by terrorists On Thursday the militants continued to bombard Donetsk, in particular, they used the heavy weapons to shell Donbass-Arena, a stadium of Shakhtar FC, Andrei Lysenko, a speaker of the National Security Council information center announced at the briefing. The terrorists fired at the residential clusters of …

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‘I got used to look at corpses,’ says a girl from Lutuhino who betrays Ukrainian soldiers

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Separatists start to realize (record from Zello)


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Ukraine being shelled 9 times for the last 24 hours from Russian side

But the Ukrainian militaries learned how to conduct effective artillery reconnaissance for targeted counter-offensive, preventing the losses in personnel and military vehicles. The territory of Ukraine has been shelled 9 times for the last 24 hours from the Russian side, the ATO Press-Center reports. The ATO forces mop up Stanitsa Luhanskaia, Malonikolaevka, Illiriia (Luhansk region), …

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Russian conscripts’ gear found inside airborne assault vehicles near Luhansk

This morning Ukrainian military forces seized two airborne assault vehicles assigned to Pskov Airborne Division in the battle near Luhansk. Russian conscripts’ IDs were also discovered there. The search of the vehicle unveiled a complete set of documents including the driving licenses and military papers. Personnel and vehicle are dedicated to the military unit no. …

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